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Castara, a quiet serene fishing village sited in an area which includes a cove surrounded by sheltering mountains protecting a lovely beach located on the north-western side of Tobago. Trinidad, to which Tobago is the sister island, lies to the south-southwest, and is located at the lower end of the Caribbean island chain just off the coast of Venezuela. We are not very far from the Town of Scarborough accessible by sea using the ferries from Trinidad and a 45 minute ride by car from the Tobago International Airport located at Crown Point. There are direct flights from the US and UK weekly to Tobago, as well as flights from several other hubs in the Caribbean.

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Activities in the immediate area include snorkelling, diving, fishing, and hiking to name only a few of the many things to do in the area. Of course the local cafes and restaurants serve up local delicacies that everyone should enjoy. This is our heritage in Caribbean cuisine with it's unique blend of east-Indian and African cultural traditions. Outside of the village it is only a short trip to many exciting areas which abound on the island; for example you can go visit the oldest legally protected rain forest on this side of the planet. There are glass bottom boats which take groups of visitors out to the reefs on both sides of the island. Over at Speyside the ride includes a trip to the world renowned Angel reef where the world's largest brain coral resides. There are many more activities available around the island, with services available in the Crown Point area, near the airport; and more in and around Scarborough. There are several old forts to visit dating back to the days of English and French occupation, where silent cannons now face a tranquil sea, sleeping threats to invaders long since gone.

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A map showing Castara click here for a Large map of Tobago